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For a long time, the medical community has noticed how a serious problem of modern Europe is to ensure the security of society, which is more and more deeply involved in the threats of the technologically advanced world. In recent years, the main goal of Polish emergency medicine is to build an effective system of response and first aid for victims of accidents and disasters. Meanwhile, scientific research and statistics show that the effectiveness of professional activities of emergency services is on a par with the skill of professional and decisive action of people who are witnesses to the accident.

Main corporate purpose activity of Centrum Ratownictwa is to develop and implement on the territory of Poland the most modern achievements in the field of rescue and emergency medicine. Our offer includes a full range of first aid training, directed to companies and institutions for which the safety of their staff and bystanders is one of the priorities of the action.

All courses persued by Centrum Ratownictwa are aimed at preparing their participants to immediately and professionally carry out the rescue action. The content of courses is always adapted to the needs of clients based on the hazards in their work environment and the analysis of the Medical Director of Centrum Ratownictwa.

The highest level of our courses is guaranteed thanks to the supervision of the Ośrodek Ratownictwa i Stanów Nagłych in Wrocław. In addition, the programs of three basic trainings of Centrum Ratownictwa were implemented already in 2005, however they are systematically modified and adapted to the new guidelines of world scientific societies (European Resuscitation Council, American Heart Association and others).

During its activity in 2005, the Rescue Center became the initiator of two prestigious programs, ie the National "Safety Progress" and "Emergency Patients", prepared specifically for the needs of Pharmaceutical Chambers in Poland.

Our offer is addressed primarily to companies whose staff are in contact with various health and human life threats. The programs of our courses are prepared for middle medical personnel (the scope of extended first aid + automatic defibrillation), industrial plants, manufacturing companies as well as institutions and uniformed services. In addition, our clients are companies that during the "Safety Day" events want to familiarize their staff with the rules of first aid through an exciting corporate meeting.

The team of Centrum Ratownictwa consists of doctors, paramedics and specialists in the field of rescue and emergency medicine. We pursue courses throughout the country and we are able to adapted the program and the method of training to the needs and capabilities of our clients.

Centrum Ratownictwa Sp. z o.o. is entered into the Register of Training Institutions under registration number 2.02 / 00216/2015.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by e-mail or phone number in the "Contact" tab.

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