Hospital Emergency Departments are places where medical assistance is provided in cases of health or life threat. Unfortunately, it happens that SOR reports people who want to avoid waiting for a doctor's appointment at a clinic or specialist clinic. Thanks to the introduction of uniform and clearly defined rules for the admission of patients, they will be kept informed about the order in which they will be received by medical personnel within the Hospital Emergency Department and the expected waiting time for assistance.

The draft act amending the act on health care services financed from public funds and some other acts was adopted by the Council of Ministers on February 5, 2019. One of the most important changes in the amendment is the improvement of the operation of hospital emergency departments by Emergency Room by introducing uniform principles of medical segregation of patients.

The same criteria for selecting patients according to urgency category will apply throughout the country, and thanks to the TOPSOR IT system, patients will be informed about the expected waiting time for admission. A patient reporting to the Hospital Emergency Department will be subject to medical segregation (triage), on the basis of which he will be classified into one of the groups - persons requiring immediate assistance, persons requiring urgent assistance and persons requiring deferred assistance. After qualifying the patient to a specific group, he will receive a numbered band corresponding to the colors of segregation (triage) - red, yellow or green, and then the expected waiting time for admission will be displayed to the patient's number. The assumption of the Ministry of Health is that patients reaching hospital emergency departments across the country should be subjected to medical segregation according to the same rules.

From January 1 this year. this solution is piloted at the Independent Public Children's Clinical Hospital in Warsaw, the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Częstochowa, the Independent Public Health Care Team in Brzesko and the University Clinical Hospital in Bialystok.

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