Kursy pierwszej pomocy Wrocław

Wroclaw is the most dynamiciall developing city in western Poland. As the headquarters of our center and the surraounding area, it will remain a special place in the activities of the Centrum Ratownictwa. Since the beginning of the company’s existence, first aid courses have been conducted in Wroclaw and the entire voivodship, and the training offer is addressed to all companies and institutions from the region.

The Centrum Ratownictwa has carried out over 500 years of training for companies and institutions in lower Silesia for 14 years, knowledge of the regions of the province will allow the preparation of various training and courses on first aid. Durning the training, we discuss theoretical issues that provide a solid foundation for premedical first aid and practical exercises enriched by the appearance of allowing students to acquire skills in rescue.

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Become a KPP Rescuer with the Centrum Ratownictwa!

41 hours of practical classes!
Realistic appearances!
High passability!
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