Little rescuers - our power is help!

This year, every weekend of summer holidays 2019 our instructors - paramedics on the seaside beaches run workshops „Little Rescuers VW”

Workshops organized by Volkswagen, whose motto is "LITTLE RESCUE - OUR POWER, IT HELP !!! are held from Friday to Sunday. During these workshops we promote first aid among children.”

Every year, several thousand children take part in the workshops. This year we have already been to Świnoujście and Kołobrzeg, and ahead of us are Dziwnów, Darłówko, Ustka, Gdańsk, Łeba and Władysławowo. We invite you to take part in this event:

  • Dziwnów – 19-21.07.2019
  • Darłówko 26-28.07.2019
  • Ustka 2-4.08.2019
  • Gdańsk 9-11.08.2019
  • Łeba 16-18.08.2019
  • Władysławowo 23-25.08.2019
    • European Funds - Smart Growth
    • Republic of Poland
    • European Union - European Regional Development Fund
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