In the embrace of frost, or rescue challenges at the cold pole

Our instructors Małgorzata and Tomasz Kutycki have just finished their trip to the coldest place on Earth, also called the pole of coldness, i.e. the village of Ojmiakon (Ойяяо) located in Russian Yakutia (Eastern Siberia). We invite you to read their account.

"On January 26, 1926, a temperature of -71.2 degrees Celsius was recorded here. Although our thermometer and recorder had the lowest temperature of -63 degrees during our stay, it is still the coldest place in Our task was to secure the rescue of the Coldman in Yakutia 2020 sports and science expedition. This expedition became part of our many years of tactic of "lateral education", which means that instead of digging the same hole, we try to dig deeper each time somewhere else. We have been dealing with rescue and wild medicine for many years, gathering experience, gathering knowledge and trying to share it with others in the hope that we will make this world a little better. We work as instructors every day. Centrum Ratownictwa and we strongly hope that after returning from this trip we will share ours her passion and experience with hundreds of other people. If you are interested in the details of the trip to Yakutia and our adventures in this beautiful but also dangerous place, please visit the Centrum Ratownictwa blog soon. "

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