Nordic First Aid 2019

On March 1-2, 2019, Rescue Center instructors took part in the Nordic First Aid conference in Copenhagen. This is a unique training for first aid instructors.

Copenhagen and the surrounding area have nearly 5,500 AEDs. There are almost 20,000 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) registered and available in public places throughout Denmark. Thanks to the high availability of AEDs and regular first aid courses, Denmark boasts a survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest above 50%! It is for this reason that the capital of Denmark has been chosen as the meeting place for Rescuers and Instructors. In Denmark, first aid training is organized compulsory in all age groups and always takes place on phantoms that can realistically reproduce the situation.

Shows, lectures by the best speakers, simulations, exercises and seminars, which is all the best in first aid. Even Tomek Kutycki was surprised at times, and it's not easy to surprise him. The lectures covered many very important topics, but our special attention was focused on the lecture by Professor Per Krystian Hyldmo representing the University of Stavanger. In the presentation "Trauma lateral position" he summed up many years of research confirming changes in the approach to the injured trauma. To sum up - it is not the board that saves the patient but the Rescuer, i.e. primarily education focused on thinking, simulation and the ability to analyze data by the Rescuer. At KPP courses organized by the Rescue Center for 12 years, we make sure that each training participant is an independent, thinking unit.

As part of the demonstrations and simulations of the first day of the conference, a fire broke out in the hotel garage. However, over 500 participants professionally related to the Emergency Medical Service did not take the fire alarm seriously. Everyone was deeply convinced that this was another element of the meeting, i.e. a simulation of giving First Aid in smoke. Only the service alarm and oncoming combat vehicles from all over the city volunteer fire brigade made the conference participants aware that these were not exercises. However, the fire was quickly controlled and after an hour participants were able to return to classes and lectures.

Conference organizers have prepared an infinite number of meetings in the field of simulation and exercises. Our instructors were particularly interested in first aid classes in hypothermia conducted by Dr. Andrew MacPherson, director of the Canadian Red Cross. Two specialists from Danish First Aid Council - Jesper Molgaard and Jesper Hermund conducted an amazing workshop called "Gadgets - modern First Aid training". Virtual reality, augmented reality, Apple, online participant control of classes, applications used to raise the didactic level of classes and many other technological innovations. We want to implement a large part of the innovation in our Qualified First Aid courses.

Best regardds for all participants of the Nordic First Aid 2019 meeting. Thank you for a wonderful experience and see you soon. We are going this year to EMS2019 in Madrid and we invite you to meet on site!

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