Physical activity during May Picnic

Majówka is a time of active rest. Na co dzień jesteśmy zabiegani, dlatego warto by w ten wolny czas skorzystać z uroków pięknej pogody i nieco zwolnić, zapomnieć o codziennych obowiązkach i pracy, pozwolić naszemu ciału jak i umysłowi na pełną relaksację.

The first spring days are conducive to outdoor sports, which in turn are related with the risk of injuries such as fractures, sprains, bruises. Therefore, when playing sports in places with limited or delayed availability of emergency services, we should be prepared for quick and effective rescue operations. Proper preparation of the rescuer for the possibility of injury may decide the fate of the injured, so you must first complete the first aid kit and develop an emergency plan.

The basic first aid kit includes:

• compression band

• haemostatic dressing

• compression dressing

• a set of nasopharynx or oropharynx tubes

• self-inflating bag

• pre-filled syringe with adrenaline

• thermal blanket

• a set of small dressings

• antibiotic for minor injuries

• pain and fever medications

• broad spectrum antibiotic

Detecting and stopping heavy hemorrhages is one of the first rescue actions at the scene. Stopping hemorrhage will make it easier to have a kit that includes: a pressure bandage, a hemostatic dressing, a bandage. In a situation where the victim is not bleeding or we were able to stop the hemorrhage, the next step is to ensure airway. After stopping the bleeding and opening the airways, we should treat chest injuries, which should be started with the provision of penetrating wounds. The next step is to support the circulation, because cardiac arrest in such situations often results in the death of the victim.

In the event of circulatory insufficiency of anaphylactic shock nature, rapid administration of adrenaline in the form of an automatic syringe is the key action. It is worth mentioning here that the European Resuscitation Council recognized the use of automatic syringes with a properly prepared dose of the drug as a first aid measure.

Disturbances in the energy management of the human body as a result of a serious injury or illness cause rapid heat loss, which has a very adverse effect on rescue operations. When providing first aid, we must ensure that the victim's body stays warm. The four basic ways of heat loss are contact with cold objects, the removal of heat molecules by a sweeping stream of cold air, radiation and evaporation. If possible, remove wet clothing from the victim, and then wrap him in as many layers of material as possible with air spaces. Protecting the patient against wind and moisture will reduce heat loss.

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