Qualified First Aid courses in 2019

We started 2019 with KPP courses in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Łódź and Kraków. Lublin and Białsytok are the new cities on our training map.

The qualified first aid course has the widest range of first aid courses. The course is directed to people who do not have medical education. The program of the course includes 66 hours of classes, of which 41 hours are practical exercises, and 25 hours include theoretical classes. The course ends with a state exam. The exam consists of a theoretical and practical part. After passing the exam, the participants receive a certificate of obtaining the title of lifeguard. The rescuer is authorized to provide qualified first aid. The scope of activities performed by the rescuer includes:

  • non-instrumental and instrumental cardiopulmonary resuscitation, oxygen administration and the use of an automated defibrillator,
  • stopping external bleeding and dressing wounds,
  • fracture fixation,
  • protection against hypothermia,
  • passive oxygen therapy,
  • evacuation from the scene of the accident,
  • mental support,
  • conducting initial medical segregation.
  • The title of lifeguard and the entitlement to provide qualified first aid are required of policemen, firefighters, water or mountain rescuers, i.e. all services arriving at the scene before medical services. According to the law, to obtain the title of a lifeguard you must be an adult, complete a KPP course and have a medical condition that allows qualified first aid. The Act of 10 May 2018 amending the Act on State Emergency Medical Services and other acts repealed the provision on the need for employment or performing service by rescuers in units cooperating with the system of the State Medical Emergency.

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