Summary of 2019

"We have another year ahead of us and more records to be set ... " with these words we completed the summary of the operations of the Centrum Ratownictwa in 2018.

We are also pleased to announce the achievement of another increase this year, this time close to 40%. In numbers, it presents like this:

  • over 900 training days, of which 320 days devoted to the implementation of qualified First Aid courses
  • 1755 issued certificates confirming the title of Lifeguard
  • our company cars traveled about 400,000 km to reach about 18,000 participants of our first aid training last year
  • during the exercises, we used over 20,000 military dressings to contain over 130 liters of artificial blood
  • our instructors spent 8,500 hours in class and were accompanied by over 70 phantoms, thanks to which the training participants could practice CPR.
  • In addition to training, we simultaneously continued our activities related to running the Medical Security Point at the construction site of the new power unit at Turów Power Plant in Bogatynia. The total working time of rescuers is 17 thousand. h.

    Another ahead of us - 2020, full of challenges and new opportunities. We can already ensure today that we will provide you with a lot of new products and a package of new solutions!

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