Teacher' s training

In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of On October 31, 2018, schools and kindergartens are required to train employees in first aid.

In accordance with the amendments to the Regulation on safety and hygiene in public and private schools and institutions of October 31, 2018, the Rescue Center has prepared training directed at educational institutions. § 21 of the Ministry of National Education regulation imposes an obligation on schools and kindergartens to train all employees in first aid. The course prepares teachers and employees of schools and kindergartens for professional and quick first aid to children in situations of health and life threat. During the course, participants will learn the basic life-saving procedures, defibrillation principles in children or the chain of conduct and 8 simple steps to save a child in a situation of cardiac arrest. Teachers will learn what to do when a child chokes, has a fit, high fever, diabetes attack or faint. In addition, they will be familiarized with the equipment of the first-aid kit and management of the most common injuries in children.

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