The founder of the Rescue Center awarded the The Cross of Merit for Bravery

Capt. Jacek Siewiera, MD, founder of Centrum Ratownictwa, on May 30, 2019, was awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland with the Cross of Merit for Valor. Dr. Jacek Siewiera risked his own life to save the officer - pilot.

Jacek Siewiera is the Head of the Hyperbaric Medicine Clinical Department at the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw. In April 2018, he and the soldier-pilot spent in the hyperbaric chamber at a pressure of 18 meters immersion almost five hours, in order to save the patient. Normally, without decompression, you can stay up to 40 minutes in this pressure. In addition, when the patient's life is threatened, Capt. Jacek Siewiera stopped his own decompression, took off his oxygen apparatus to give drugs that stabilize the cardiovascular system. It was the first case of combined use of hyperbaric therapy in the world, including extracorporeal circulation in the treatment of high altitude decompression sickness, which ended in recovery. Capt. Jacek Siewiera made the right diagnosis, proposed and implemented a medical procedure that allowed the patient to recover.


Watch the report: wystąpienia Prezydenta RP

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