Training on childbirth and hypothermia at the Police School

As part of many years of cooperation with the Police School in Słupsk, Centrum Ratownictwa has conducted first aid training

At the end of March, Centrum Ratownictwa trained representatives of Polish and American uniformed services in providing first aid in life and health emergencies. The policemen learned to help in situations that they come into contact with during their daily service. They learned how to help a person with mild to moderate hypothermia, in epilepsy, diabetic coma, heart attack and stroke. A separate element of the training was the childbirth. Policemen, as uniformed services are often asked to pilot another vehicle to the hospital in which there is a pregnant woman with an advanced childbirth. Centrum Ratownictwa has special phantoms, thanks to which we can recreate the real situation of childbirth. Our instructors Maciej Solski and Tomasz Kutycki shared their knowledge of what to do in a situation where access to the hospital will not be possible and the police will have to pick up the childbirth.

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