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Centrum Ratownictwa Sp. z o.o. does not provide services for Military Units or conducts activities related to the supply of goods referred to in the regulations on the classification of defense products.

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Ambulatories and medical points


In order to meet the increasing demands of clients from the construction industry, we have introduced the topic of conducting and equipping the Medical Protection Point at a construction site. This service is aimed for investors for whom the health and lives of employees is a priority. For years, we have been cooperating with the leaders of the construction industry throughout the country, and such experience enables us to organize efficiently and operate Medical Security Points. The PZM service provides security for persons in a state of emergency on the construction site. We analyze the needs of each client individually and adjust the equipment and provide the right number of paramedics during work carried out on the investment site.

Medical transport international


We provide our international transport services anywhere in the world. Depending on the situation and conditions, we are able to offer ground or air transport with a qualified team, depending on the health of the victim (paramedic, doctor, nurse). Our offer is addressed to individuals, companies and insurers all around the world. We take every order as a priority, because we know how important the time of implementation, safety and comfort is. All services are carried out using modernly equipped means of transport, and our vehicles are adapted to the standard PN-EN 1789: 2011 "medical vehicles and their equipment - road ambulances".

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