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With the title of Lifeguard or paramedic you can get additional points in recruitment to the Police and the State Fire Service.

The Qualified First Aid course that Centrum Ratownictwa pursue allows you to be "the Rescuer". A paramedic is a person who has completed a minimum bachelor' s degree at the Medical University.

Sign up for the KPP course today, get additional qualifications, and before you make the decision to study medicine, make sure that this is the direction you want to follow.

Pursuant to the Act, a Rescuer is a person who has completed a 66 hour course of qualified first aid, and is authorised to take specific actions when a person in a state of emergency health and safety risk. The rescuer is a person who completed the Qualified First Aid course and passed the state examination. The scope of operation of the rescuer is not as broad as a paramedic, but he participates in rescue operations and also his task is to help the victims. The rescuer has have full authority to providing qualified first aid. The entitlement of Rescuer are required from all services arriving to the accident before medical services, i.e. from policemen, firemen, water and mountain rescuers.

The scope of the course

Requirements, duties, rights in both cases are specified in the Act on State Emergency Medical Services (dated on 8 September 2006). Requirements for the paramedics are specified in art. 10 of this Act. A paramedic is a person who graduated BA studies in the field of emergency medicine. The basic entitlement of a paramedic is independent or under the supervision of a physician providing health services, including medical emergency procedures.

The Act on State Emergency Medical Services (September 8th, 2006) defines both the notion of "paramedic" and the "rescuer". The paramedic is a profession that allows for independent or at the doctor's command to perform medical rescue operations, including administering medications necessary at a given level of rescue operation. Simply explained, a paramedic is a profession, while a rescuer is a specific entitlement.

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