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An unnoticed 5 minutes’ loss of your child's breathing could result in irreversible brain damage or even death. Often, the lives of very young patients could be saved by simple activities performed by the mother or an other person present at the scene of the incident, provided that they would be able to react to the threat in time.

Could you react if your child loses breath?

One of the main causes of mortality among infants and young children in Poland are everyday events: diarrhea, choking or accidental poisoning. In the most of cases, the first person who can help a child is his mother or guardian.

That is why the Rescue Center together with a team of doctors, paediatricians and pediatric intensive care specialists prepared a program of full practical training in the field of first aid for children.

The scope of the course

During the course, our team will prepare you for a professional and, above all, decisive help in a life threatening situation.

During the course you will learn practical methods of resuscitation on resuscitation phantoms, procedures in children's head and spine injuries (fall from a height, stairs, on a bicycle) and in car accidents. Mulitmedia presentations and scenarios prepared by Centrum Ratownictwa illustrate the course and management of the most common injuries in children.


Each participant after completing the course receives an international certificate of skills in Polish (on request also in English).

Price: 99 zł

Become a KPP Rescuer with the Centrum Ratownictwa!

41 hours of practical classes!
Realistic appearances!
High passability!
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Become a KPP Rescuer with the Centrum Ratownictwa!

The KPP course from the Centrum Ratownictwa
is not only knowledge and skills,
but also an amazing adventure.

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