How long does the KPP course take? Can I participate the KPP course and obtain the title of Rescuer when I am not associated with uniformed services? Does the KPP course end with an exam? What document I get? Can I be a Rescuer at the pool after a KPP course?...

You will find here answers to frequently asked questions related to the KPP course and first aid training.

  • Yes, you can. Article 13.1 point 2 of the Act on Emergency Medical Services has been removed. It is not necessary to be employed or serve as the Rescuers in units cooperating with the Medical Rescue System.

  • The KPP course has 41 hours of practice and 25 hours of theory. 66 hours total. The course at the Centrum Ratownictwa is organized durin Kurs w Centrum Ratownictwg the weekend, spread over two weekends.

    §2 of the Regulation of the Minister of Health on a course in the field of Qualified first aid of March 19, 2007

  • Subscriptions are accepted electronically, you must complete the application questionary attached to the given course All data is stored in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 10 May 2018. .

  • Everyone. The KPP course is dedicated to adults. The title of the Rescuer can get a person who:

  • has full legal capasity
  • has a valid certificate of completion of a qulified first aid course and obtain the title of the Rescuer
  • whose health allows for qualifications
  • The KPP course ends with a state exam. After positive result you get a certificate of completion of the course in qualified first aid and you obtain the title of Rescuer. The certificate issued by the Centrum Ratownictwa is in accordance with the specimen certificate in the Regulation of the Minister of Health on the course in qualified first aid.

  • Yes, We organize kursy pierwszej pomocy dzieciom. They prepare to help children in situations of health or life threat.

  • No. A qualified first aid course allows you to be a Rescuer. The KPP course is one of the requirements for performing a lifeguard job at the pool, but completing only the KPP course does not entitle you to practice this profession. The legal basis specifying the required documents and the rights of rescuers to perform water rescue, including work in designated water areas (place used for bathing, swimming pools and other facilities with pool basins) are regulated by the Act on the Safety of Persons in Water Areas of August 18, 2011.

  • No. The Qualified First Aid course organized by the Centrum Ratownictwa allows you to obtain the title of "Rescuer" and not "Medical Rescuer". According to art. 10 of the Act on State Emergency Medical Services, the title of "medical rescuer" you can get after completing the relevant field of university medical studies.

  • We have created a Customer Area for our students. Here you can find organizational information and training materials. In addition, we have created and encourage you to download the public application "KPP Rescuer: current tests and materials". The application is available in Sklepie Google oraz App Store.

    The application has 3 modules - LEARNING, EXAMS and MATERIALS. The SCIENCE module contains questions along with the correct answers and comments to them, while in the EXAM module the task of the student is to indicate the correct answer to randomly selected questions. In the MATERIALS module, we provide a summary of the most important issues from the KPP course. "KPP RESCUE: current tests" is the only application which has a full and constantly updated database of test questions for the RESCUER exam.Thanks to our application, everyone can check knowledge online and prepare for the final exam of the Qualified First Aid course and the recertification exam. Each exam set contains 30 questions, selected randomly from 250 posted on the CEM Medical Exam Center website.

  • The KPP course is a framework program published by the Ministry of Health. Participants of KPP courses after obtaining a positive result in theoretical and practical exam receive a certificate of obtaining the title of "Rescuer". It gives the highest authorization to persons who haven't got medical education.BLS-AED first aid training is the simplest first aid course.After completing the BLS-AED training, each participant will be able to perform vital signs control, call for help and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The training program includes practical classes, enriched with theoretical knowledge of the basic principles of first aid.

  • In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health of December 3, 2019 amending the Regulation on the course in qualified first aid from December 31, 2019, a person who has a certificate whose validity period expires no later than 3 months from the day of the exam and is employed in units cooperating with the system or is a member of them.

    Further to this the rescuer may take the recertification exam during the last 3 months of validity of his certificate.

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