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Company meetings are organized to allow employees and contractors to spend pleasant moments of entertainment and relaxation, while organizers depend on the feeling that remains in their memory for a long time. An interesting place, delicious refreshments and a nice atmosphere are the basis of every meeting today. Unfortunately, it is also definitely not enough to interest guests for a few hours, and leave unforgettable memories. To meet these expectations, the Centrum Ratownictwa has prepared an offer with a complete training cycle in the field of first aid inherent in the program of an exciting company meeting. The main assumption of this course, which takes the form of attractive exercises and seminars, is to familiarize participants with the principles of responding in the face of threats to human life and health. Your guests, in the course we propose, get a chance to face a real threat situation.

The main features of the course:

  • Promotion of your company by promoting first aid
  • Participants have the opportunity to face various emergency situations.
  • High dynamics of events
  • Very much focus on the practical aspect of first aid
  • The scope of the course

    At the beginning of the course, participants are in full surprise to witness a serious traffic accident, or are in the very center of a terrorist attack. The purpose of this event is not only to create a huge impression, but also to create the opportunity to confront the behavior and skills of each participant in the face of such an event before the relevant emergency services arrive. For the implementation of the rescue show, materials simulating wounds, pyrotechnics and injuries of patients are used, as well as car wrecks involved in collisions in a word, everything that will allow to fully reflect the realism and drama of real danger situations. At the meeting, the next points can be multimedia shows provided by doctors, paramedics and emergency medicine specialists, reconstruction of accidents, and above all practical exercises conducted under the guidance of experts from the Centrum Ratownictwa.


    The price of the Safety Day event and integration events in connection with the program is agreed with the Employer each time and start from PLN 7,000.

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