Specialized first aid training (3 days)

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A brief description of the trainings

The course of extended first aid is directed to people belonging to the company's rescue teams and civil defense teams operating in the structures of companies and enterprises. The aim of the training is to teach the indicated employees to provide first aid, taking into account the specific nature of threats occurring in your company's activities. The course program is based on the guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council and the recommendations of the Polish Society of Emergency Medicine. Practical exercises are enriched with an interactive form of the lecture. The extended first aid course covers the organization of the company's rescue and evacuation system, as well as formal aspects of the health and safety specialist's responsibility for preparing and supervising the forces and first aid measures in the workplace, as required by the Labor Code and recommendations of the National Labor Inspectorate.

The scope of the course

During the course participants will acquire the skills of first aid, evacuation in public facilities or industrial facilities of enterprises. Exercises carried out during the training show the correct methods of cooperation in the team conducting rescue operations in the face of life threat. During the training, we will use simulation elements for mapping fire conditions (artificial smoke of the object), traffic accident (training vehicle) and evacuation from difficult spaces, staircases or rooms. After the training, our students will be able to use the R1 emergency kit, flange and orthopedic board, use of emergency communication devices, as well as modern dressing materials. There is a possibility of extending the training program for issues related to fire-fighting, road and chemical rescue, altitude or water rescue, selected by the client.


The price of the extended first aid course applies to classes for a group of 20 people, run by a minimum of two instructors. It covers all didactic aids, equipment used during the training, certification fee and logistics costs. The difference in the price of the course results each time from the nature of the order and the expectations of the Employer. It depends on the type and amount of simulation exercises carried out, the degree of their complexity and the necessary specialist equipment (eg various types of fire extinguishers, fire-fighting materials, fire mannequins and extinguishing agents). The price of the training starts from PLN 6,500 for a three-day basic training module using elements of road rescue.

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