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A brief description of the trainings

Wilderness medicine is a series of 2 trainings of varying levels of advancement for people who want to prepare for action in crisis situations or conditions far from civilization, i.e. events in which the rescue system ceases to be available. Each of the three parts of the cycle (Basic, Advanced, Expert) is a thought-out build of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises conducted by experienced instructors. The knowledge we acquire and skills will allow to look after victims in areas cut off from the possibility of reaching system rescue units or in situations forcing a long time of waiting for their arrival at the scene of the accident. The training focuses primarily the high effectiveness of the procedures and techniques taught. Classes include basic and advanced medical procedures, prepeering ideas and survival techniques. Each of the three trainings is a separate part that does not require participation in the others, however the participation in higher training levels requires knowledge and skills from previous levels.

The scope of the course

The courses are dedicated to all people participating in outdoor activities, people interested in the subject of emergency medical services in the conditions of natural disasters and catastrophes, travelers, survivors, preepers, all those who want to spend their free time in an active and unusual way, paramedics, nurses, doctors - as an element of improvement training. Each training cycle lasts 22 hours. Classes take place in field conditions. Classes are run by a team of experienced instructors associated in organizations such as the Wilderness Medical Society, the Polish School Survival Association.


We realise the course in the mountain region of the Jeleniogórska Valley. Course price: PLN 399.00

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